green tea leaf

Camellia sinensis, better known as green tea is a gentle antioxidant that is among the most well-researched and exceptional in terms of its many benefits. Research has shown that the topical application of green tea leaves or extracts delivers many benefits for the skin, including anti-aging properties, and believed to be responsible for its many health and appearance benefits, both orally and topically, is the active component called Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). The polyphenols in green tea contain powerful antioxidant and calming properties, This skin-soothing property shows significant promise for improving the appearance of sun-damaged skin. Clinical research has proven that this extract absorbs ultraviolet radiation, by shielding the skin against its harmful effects which otherwise can have a major negative impact on the skin including photoaging and weakening of collagen and elastin fibers. Lengthy, and unnecessary exposure to UV can also cause more age spots, deeper wrinkles, and fine lines. 

Green Tea Extract is also rich in Catechins, and Caffeine, which offer soothing, rejuvenating, anti-aging properties, that help to improve overall skin conditions, and studies have shown that application led to improve skin texture and was able to decrease excess sebum production, making it ideal for oily skin types

Universal Name

Green Tea Leaf

Researchh-Based (Scientific) Name

Camellia Sinensis

"Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties"

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