Ylang Ylang

This gift from nature not only has amazing beauty and a captivating scent, but it also has a host of strong medical and therapeutic advantages for the skin. Following recent research, ylang-ylang includes a wide range of therapeutic substances that have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal properties. By controlling sebum production and treating the infection, these substances effectively minimize skin irritations and redness. Since ylang-ylang contains antioxidant-rich components, it is claimed to be very beneficial for rough and dry skin. Ylang Ylang Oil is used in aromatherapy treatments and is effective for reducing stress, anxiety, depression, tension, and difficulty falling asleep. It soothes inflammation and irritation on the body and the scalp while strengthening skin and hair. It addresses acne as well as hair loss by enhancing circulation, encouraging the growth of new skin and hair, contributing to and maintaining hydration, conditioning, and preventing infections with its anti-microbial properties. By calming the mind and body, it promotes the faster onset of sleep and arouses sensuality.